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Karaoke Revolution

Crude Humor, Lyrics, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol

This is a karaoke music game in which players sing through dozens of popular songs in realistic, customizable venues. After designing an avatar character, players jump on stage and score points with the audience (that's why they're cheering), then earn points by matching the pitch and duration of notes scrolling from right to left. While the avatar performs, and while the notes/lyrics scroll in the foreground, the giant TV screens in the background—they are customizable, too—display the actual music videos. Some of these videos contain suggestive/sexual content: couples kissing as they embrace, then roll around in bed; a woman on a beach posing in lingerie/underwear as she caresses her breasts, buttocks, and hips; close-up camera angles depicting exposed cleavage; and a page from the Kama Sutra (fleeting—two seconds) depicting a nude illustration of sex. Music videos may also depict band members drinking from beer bottles or Pink downing a shot glass. The game receives a Crude Humor descriptor for one music video's portrait of a practical joke: rebellious youth urinate in empty bottles, pass them off as actual beverage, then gasp with laughter as the unknowing victims—spit it out.

While the above descriptions may sound somewhat graphic, they are displayed in the game within the context of a "music video"-style format: the avatars and their onstage performances receive the bulk of the camera angles, the sweeping shots, and the constant repositioning; players get a somewhat patchy (or interrupted) view of these videos. As this is a music game, song lyrics sometimes contain pertinent content, in this case, references to sexual innuendo (e.g., "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy," "your sex is on fire" and "Waistline makes my solider salute"), bisexuality, (e.g., "I kissed a girl and I liked it . . . I hope my boy-friend don't mind it."), and drug allusions (e.g., "I was so high I did not recognize . . .").