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Autobahn Polizei

Xbox 360
Drug Reference, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence

This is an action racing game in which players assume the role of "Cobra 11," an Autobahn Highway Patrol agent who pursues criminal suspects while keeping the city safe. Players can solve cases to unlock levels and cars, perform missions (e.g., escorting trucks, high-speed chases, disabling criminal vehicles), and crash into a variety of vehicles and objects (e.g., trains, mail boxes, buildings, street signs, guard rails, etc.). Damage to cars usually involves dents and scrapes, smashed-in hoods, and sometimes fiery explosions. During one sequence, players can drive onto a field and plow into cows, which shatter into "cartoony" t-bone steaks upon impact. Some missions make reference to drug trafficking and strongly imply prostitution (e.g., a suspect involved with the trafficking of "weapons, drugs, easy girls"), while dialogue also contains an instance of sexual innuendo (e.g., "It's not that kind of escort service, you old philanderer").