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Education & Outreach

While the vast majority of parents are aware of the ESRB rating system and regularly use it, there is always more that can and should be done. ESRB engages in aggressive public education and outreach efforts that promote the ESRB rating system, explain how it works and encourage parents to use it. We also develop tools and resources to help parents manage their children's video games, including parental control guides and information related to online safety. All of these efforts help ESRB fulfill its mission of helping parents choose age-appropriate video games for their children and families.

ESRB Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

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Since 1994, the ESRB has assigned age and content rating information for computer and video games so consumers, particularly parents, can make informed decisions about which are appropriate for their children and family. In those past 20 years, ESRB ratings have appeared on nearly every video game sold in the United States and Canada. We are incredibly proud to have worked with so many publishers and developers over the past two decades and look forward to providing the same trusted rating information for years to come and for an increasing number of digitally delivered games and apps.

To mark the organization's 20th anniversary, ESRB is releasing a series of videos featuring industry figures and other well-known individuals providing insight about the past, present, and future of ESRB. These representatives include:

  • Michael D. Gallagher, President & CEO, Entertainment Software Association
  • Tom Kalinske, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Sega of America
  • Ted Price, President & CEO, Insomniac Games
  • Patricia Vance, President, Entertainment Software Rating Board
  • Monica Vila, Co-Founder,
  • and others

For all of the latest updates such as videos, images and infographics including ESRB Celebrates 20 Years, and 1994 in Gaming, please follow ESRB on Facebook and Twitter or visit

PSAs: "OK To Play? - Check The Ratings"

video game ratings for parents

Introduced in Fall 2003, the ESRB continues to expand the award-winning "OK To Play? - Check The Ratings" consumer education campaign.  The campaign generates over a billion consumer impressions annually through print, television, radio and online PSA advertising and an expansive retail partnership program.  An aggressive public relations initiative also supports these efforts through news stories on television, radio, in print and online informing parents about the rating system.

Our current PSAs can be viewed in our PSA Library. If you are interested in placing our PSA advertising in your publication or media outlet, please contact us.



Retail Partnerships

Helping consumers make informed purchase decisions at the point of sale is critical, and so ESRB works closely with retailers to help ensure that their stores display signage about the ESRB rating system, train their store associates about the ratings and enforce their store policies regarding the sale or rental of M-rated games. To further this commitment, the ESRB Retail Council (ERC) was launched in 2005 to support ratings education and store policy enforcement. Click here for more information about ESRB's retail partnerships and the ERC.



ESRB mobile rating search app for iPhoneSearch Tools

Consumers can look up rating information and Rating Summaries by using the search on, on our mobile website at, or by using our free mobile app. The app is available for iOS (iPhone® and iPad®), Android™ (phones and tablets) and Windows® Phone.

Social Media

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To facilitate an online, ongoing conversation with parents about issues related to their kids' video games - including everything from the rating system, parental controls, online safety and recent stories and tips related to effectively managing media in one's household - ESRB is on both Facebook and Twitter (@ESRBRatings). Significant outreach is also done to engage parent-focused blogs and bloggers who are receptive to video game issues and have been eager to educate their readers about ESRB ratings, rating summaries and the various tools available to parents.



Partnership Marketing

ESRB is actively partnering with a variety of organizations to provide ratings education materials to parents and other consumers. This includes commercial and non-profit organizations, Internet sites, various state and local governmental bodies and many other partners.



San Francisco Giants Players Team Up With ESRB For PSA Campaign On Video Game Ratings

Sports Partnerships

To localize ESRB's public education efforts and raise their profile, ESRB established partnerships with the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals and San Francisco Giants. The campaigns have featured team stars appearing in TV and radio PSAs encouraging parents to use the ESRB ratings, which are broadcast in their team's marketing territory. The ads have also been displayed on screens in the stadiums during their home games.






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